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We have a long history of working with local and national organizations to advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ people, and improve the lives of the most marginalized members of our community.


In 2021, the Capital Stonewall Democrats PUT IN THE WORK and

  • Joined Fair Budget Coalition 

  • Met with 10+ Councilmembers and staffers

  • Testified at 8 budget and oversight hearings


Celebrate our successes:

FULLY FUNDED - The Care for LGBTQ Seniors and Seniors with HIV Act

FULLY FUNDED - LGBTQ+ Health Data Collection Amendment Act 

$1,000,000 Capital Investment for LGBTQ+ Community and Resource Center

$350,000 - For ending the Office of Human Rights Case Backlog

$350,000 - For LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Survivor Housing

15 Dedicated LGBTQ+ Senior Housing Vouchers


Fulfilling our commitment to our Transgender/GNC Community:

$850,000 - To support a Low-Barrier Shelter for Transgender/GNC Residents

$500,000 - For expanding the Transgender/GNC Youth Workforce Program to include Adults


Endorsing Pro-LGBTQ+ Candidates

We are committed to supporting LGBTQ+ candidates and proven allies to ensure LGBTQ+ issues are prioritized with accountability. 


Our membership is comprised of a dedicated group of LGBTQ+ advocates and understand the importance of lending our time and dollars to improving our community. We organize multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year and we encourage all to join us!

Interested in Volunteering?
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